Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 06, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Juan’s house Casa
Florida city Tampa
Example Case
Many (2 wds.) Alot
Notions Ideas
Like the Sahara Arid
Lounge about Loll
Fixing Correcting
Military award Medal
Flower feature Petal
Flying hero Ace
Chair Seat
Relieved Eased
Flowering vine Wisteria
Slugger’s need Bat
Fire remains Ash
Civil disturbance Riot
Eats away Erodes
Coral ridge Reef
Sleep noise Snore
Quick kiss Peck
Sweetie Dearie
Rents Lets
____ Beta Kappa Phi
Printing measures Ens
Candy on a stick Lollipop
Gem surface Facet
Fleshy fruit Pear
Boxer Muhammad ____ Ali
Long gun Rifle
Carried Borne
Lumberjack’s sport Logrolling
Cranny Nook
Pillow cover Sham
Embankment Levee
Otherwise Else
Hearing organs Ears
Stockholm native Swede
Poor grades Dees


Peaceful Calm
Burn-soothing plant Aloe
Realtor’s sign Sold
Finally (2 wds.) Atlast
Nervous twitch Tic
Orphan’s hope Adoption
Slight Mere
Piece Part
Floating Asea
Jaguar, e.g. Cat
Diva’s offerings Arias
From that time Since
Double-____ sword Edged
Cloudless Clear
Malicious look Leer
Gets up Arises
On Atop
Maternity ____ Ward
Psychic’s phrase (2 wds.) Isee
Mets’ stadium Shea
Coral island Atoll
Ladybug, e.g. Beetle
Johnny ____ of “Finding Neverland” Depp
Canyon feedback Echo
Pass over Skip
Gratis Free
Unlocked again Reopened
Preface Intro
Thick slice Slab
Pressed Ironed
Untrue False
Honolulu greeting Aloha
Groucho Marx’s prop Cigar
Afflictions Ills
Soared Flew
Reside Live
Portrayal Role
Facial feature Nose
Makes do Ekes
Motel units (abbr.) Rms
Wow! Gee
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