Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 07, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Margin Edge
43,560 square feet Acre
Assistants Aides
Unaccompanied Lone
Takes to court Sues
Terrific Great
Most strongly built Sturdiest
Door joint Hinge
Road curve Ess
Foolhardy Rash
Bother Hassle
Misdeed Sin
Astounds Awes
Conger Eel
Lessens Abates
Spotted horse Pinto
Thorny blooms Roses
Youth Teen
Office reminder Memo
Maker Creator
At the side Lateral
Make well Heal
Fireplace fuel Wood
Upper class Elite
Yule visitor Santa
Constructs Erects
Completely All
Try out Test
Came across Met
Seesaw Teeter
Pasture sounds Moos
Forty winks Nap
____ Beach (D-Day site) Omaha
Bible division Testament
Forbidden items (hyph.) Nonos
Mall event Sale
____ code Area
Come afterward Ensue
Walk heavily Plod
Uses oars Rows


Otherwise Else
Connect the ____ Dots
Oxlike beasts Gnus
Browning’s “always” Eer
Chinese, e.g. Asians
Actor’s signals Cues
Form again Reshape
CT time zone Est
Appalled Aghast
Showy flower Iris
Thickly populated Dense
National bird Eagle
Hard metal Steel
Least rainy Driest
Hair coloring Henna
Shoplifts Steals
Handle skillfully Wield
Curved doorway Arch
Dull fellow Bore
Floating Asea
Brunch dish Omelet
Horses’ gaits Trots
Actor ____ Idle Eric
Damon or Dillon Matt
Bullring cries Oles
Proprietor Owner
India’s Mother ____ Teresa
Hot cereal Oatmeal
Sergeant’s command (2 wds.) Atease
Showed feelings Emoted
Make amends Atone
Sour fruit Lemon
Tilts Leans
Biblical “you” Thou
Norwegian port Oslo
Fiddling emperor Nero
Afresh Anew
Sch. groups Ptas
Chef’s measure (abbr.) Tsp
Ruin Mar
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