Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 09, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Beaver projects Dams
Thirst quenchers Ades
Broad tie Ascot
Great deal (2 wds.) Alot
Ashen Pale
San ____ Padres Diego
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
Jazz great ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Feet parts Heels
Having leaves year round Evergreen
Curved letters Esses
River mouth Delta
Gallery exhibit Art
Mailbox openings Slots
The Grim ____ Reaper
Chambers (abbr.) Rms
Assisted a crook Abetted
Climbing plant Ivy
Grease Oil
Aired again Reran
Ascot Tie
Yoko ____ Ono
Least possible Minimal
Capone and Roker Als
Walk cautiously Tiptoe
Mexican coins Pesos
Electrified particle Ion
Start Onset
Decorate Adorn
Paint’s alternative Wallpaper
Allowable Legal
____ code Area
Steak order Rare
____ Gras Mardi
Mistletoe payoff Kiss
Cleveland’s waterfront Erie
Frozen rain Sleet
Dines Eats
Inferior grades Dees


Risked Dared
Breathing Alive
Motor inn Motel
Begins Starts
Mimicker Aper
Valley Dale
She, in Nice Elle
Actor ____ Penn Sean
Clung Adhered
Nap Siesta
Average grades Cees
Make eyes at Ogle
Hurl Toss
Festive event Gala
Amphitheaters Arenas
Host Conan ____ Obrien
Youth Teen
Disrobe Strip
Pocket bread Pita
Malevolent Evil
Deli breads Ryes
Origin Root
Short skirt Mini
Sow’s chow Slop
Docile Tame
Like a bright night Moonlit
Pilot’s stunt Loop
Outburst Tirade
Trapped Snared
Emergency tire Spare
Supernatural Eerie
Squirrels’ homes Trees
Gifts to charity Alms
Transaction Deal
Bogeyman Ogre
Stop sleeping Wake
Diva’s song Aria
For fear that Lest
Scottish girl Lass
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