Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 11, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Memo letters Asap
Adjust Align
Bygone Past
Neck area Nape
Journalist ____ Sawyer Diane
Machu Picchu dweller Inca
Forest plant Tree
Impressively large Monumental
Type of steak Sirloin
Prompt (2 wds.) Ontime
Criminal burning Arson
Medic Doc
Elf Sprite
Decomposes Rots
Bug Irk
Young people Teens
Says further Adds
Whirled Spun
Display stand Rack
Slumber Sleep
Jack rabbit Hare
Behaves Acts
Knights Sirs
Copper, e.g. Metal
Pro vote Yea
Sense Feel
Early car (2 wds.) Modelt
Once called Nee
Hosiery material Nylon
Graduate’s reward Degree
Certain connector Adapter
Unable to read Illiterate
Give a job to Hire
Actor ____ Baldwin Alec
Tier Layer
Press Iron
Not as much Less
Ship’s rear Stern
For fear that Lest


Colony insects Ants
Hindu garb Sari
Mimic Aper
Fruit skin Peel
Respect Admire
Maned felines Lions
Actor ____ McKellen Ian
African antelope Gnu
Movie fish Nemo
Type of bean Pinto
Look forward to Anticipate
Con game Scam
“A ____ of Two Cities” Tale
Odds and ____ Ends
Cereal grains Oats
Neat Orderly
Lymph ____ Nodes
Wander off Stray
Freedom from war Peace
Four-sided figures Rectangles
Pen liquids Inks
Recipe measure (abbr.) Tsp
Urban’s opposite Rural
Prepared to pray Knelt
Foreign Alien
Tool house Shed
Compass dir. Sse
Leonardo’s “____ Lisa” Mona
Tootsies Feet
Contemporary Modern
Clapton and Roberts Erics
In a while Later
Radio part Dial
She (Fr.) Elle
Elongated fish Eels
Dr. ____ of TV Phil
Fatigue Tire
God of love Eros
Monthly expense Rent
Mouse’s kin Rat
Positive vote Aye
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