Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 12, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pub offerings Ales
Sly look Leer
Out of style Dated
Inlet Cove
Look at amorously Ogle
Nimble Agile
Drizzle Rain
Frog’s kin Toad
____ Witherspoon of “Pleasantville” Reese
Register Enlist
Document destroyer Shredder
Lennon’s spouse Ono
Baby’s “piggies” Toes
Startle Scare
Morsels Bits
Nasty cut Gash
Biceps site Arm
Singer ____ Clapton Eric
Source of answers Oracle
Narrowed gradually Tapered
Make less stale Freshen
Finally (2 wds.) Atlast
Pinup ____ Hayworth Rita
Poet’s “yet” Een
Poetic contraction Neer
Unwrap Open
Italian staple Pasta
Teen’s dance Prom
Family room Den
Spike heel Stiletto
Gets up Arises
Becomes weary Tires
Stiffly formal Prim
Manner Mode
Airborne Aloft
Emerald ____ Isle
Precinct Area
Camp shelters Tents
Snaky swimmers Eels
Fasting period Lent


Farm measure Acre
Borrowed money Loan
Corrupt Evil
Junior’s dad Senior
Gambling game Lotto
Self-esteem Ego
Rubber band Elastic
Glowing (hyph.) Redhot
Is bold Dares
Mellowed Aged
Tethered Tied
Alternative word Else
Forest creature Deer
Scoffs Sneers
Vacation spot Resort
Lucifer Satan
Box Crate
Plentiful Ample
Make an offer Bid
Car fuel Gas
Pains Aches
Winter forecast Sleet
Hair coloring Henna
Witty reply Retort
The Grim ____ Reaper
Jug handle Ear
Fish flipper Fin
Contrition Remorse
Savory pastry (2 wds.) Potpie
“____ House” Animal
Irritating ones Pests
Noblewomen Dames
Right now! Stat
Floor covering Tile
Steamy appliance Iron
Departed Left
Sensitive Sore
Adam’s garden Eden
____ belt Seat
Not well Ill
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