Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 13, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Active ones Doers
Smooth Even
City vehicles Cabs
Open soda Uncap
Swamp Mire
Singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Ghostly Eerie
Andean country Peru
Clock face Dial
Giant wave Tsunami
Brooks Streams
Not common Rare
What Moses parted (2 wds.) Redsea
Fishing string Line
President Ronald ____ Reagan
Embellish Adorn
Male vendor Salesman
“The Matrix”, e.g. Movie
Glutton Pig
Manufacture cloth Weave
Menu term (3 wds.) Alacarte
Spanish gentleman Senor
Motive Reason
Gambling city Reno
Pale color Pastel
Heavy weights Tons
Toronto’s province Ontario
Bank statement entry Deposit
Finger noise Snap
Good’s opponent Evil
Diminish Abate
Tender Sore
Wind indicator Vane
Keepsake Token
Watched Eyed
BPOE members Elks
Gives the impression Seems


Music for two Duet
Wallet stuffers Ones
Unbleached color Ecru
Precipitation Rain
Harpoon Spear
“The ____ Strikes Back” Empire
Strive Vie
Makes a mistake Errs
Impartial Neutral
Surrendered Ceded
Pseudonym Alias
Find fault with Blame
Hot sauce Salsa
Deface Mar
Extends (a subscription) Renews
Least hard Easiest
Tibetan monk Lama
Object of adoration Idol
____ Scotia Nova
Funnyman ____ Idle Eric
Practical joke Gag
Closer Nearer
Psychic Seer
Horse’s hair Mane
Bard of ____ Avon
Notorious emperor Nero
“Harper Valley ____” Pta
Alleviate Relieve
Scads Oodles
Wind direction (abbr.) Nne
Sheriff’s helpers Posse
Pester Annoy
Fixed gaze Stare
Recorded Taped
Minor disagreements Spats
Track shape Oval
Wind instrument Oboe
Behalf Sake
Detail Item
Hamilton bills Tens
Pen liquid Ink
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