Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 15, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Peru’s capital Lima
Gorge Chasm
Mild oath Drat
First man Adam
Oscar winner ____ Berry Halle
____ McEntire of country music Reba
Greek letter Zeta
Passenger vehicles Autos
Scads (2 wds.) Alot
Bridge hand East
Fawn’s fathers Stags
Bestow Give
Consumer Eater
Go inside Enter
Attraction Allure
Heap Pile
Brings up Rears
Worship Adoration
Certain dashes Ens
Most simple Easiest
Dove’s sound Coo
Parking lot employee Attendant
Awkward Inept
Speech problem Lisp
Raspy Hoarse
Fundamental Basic
Odor Scent
A Baldwin Alec
Anchorman ____ Jennings Peter
Coffee vessels Urns
Average skirt Midi
Corrode Erode
Tooth part Root
Defeat Beat
Dressed to the ____ Nines
Sailing Asea
Rustic hotels Inns
Poverty-stricken Needy
“____ we forget” Lest


Loaf Laze
Suggestion Idea
Wrestling pads Mats
Nonprofessional Amateur
Morally pure Chaste
____ couture Haute
Communion table Altar
Walk heavily Slog
Untidy state Mess
Police drama Dragnet
Ignited again Relit
Higher than Above
Starchy tuber (sl.) Tater
Poisonous element Arsenic
Great happiness Elation
District Area
Fasting season Lent
Endure Last
Verse writer Poet
Taxing agcy. Irs
Urgent abbr. Asap
Loud noise Din
Cake decorator Icer
Klutz’s cry Oops
Brief letter Note
Radio spots Ads
Draws out Elicits
Not artificial Natural
Religious dissent Heresy
Animated deer Bambi
UFO pilot Alien
Auto type Sedan
Large pebble Stone
Surrendered Ceded
Actor Sean ____ Penn
Huron’s neighbor Erie
Stood up Rose
Nays Noes
Right away! Stat
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