Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Beige Ecru
Molar, e.g. Tooth
Hardens Sets
Harness strap Rein
Greek vowel Alpha
Simple Mere
Troubles Ills
Iron or lead Metal
Space Area
Split Cleave
Milan native Italian
Initial First
Winter toys Sleds
Envy’s color Green
Cheddar, e.g. Cheese
Support Aid
Breakfast food Cereal
Bargain bonanza Sale
Antiseptic Sterile
Toy racer (2 wds.) Slotcar
Window part Pane
Continuing story Serial
____ Grande Rio
Wide street Avenue
Feats Deeds
Succinct Terse
Hiking path Trail
Pencil ends Erasers
Sailor Seaman
Novelist ____ Rice Anne
Spirited vigor Oomph
Musical sound Tone
Tractor-trailers Rigs
Writing tablet Slate
Outcomes Ends
Views Sees
Soft drinks Sodas
“Happy ____” Days


Actor ____ Idle Eric
Jail room Cell
Agitate Rile
Dangerous Unsafe
Less wild Tamer
Bullfight cheer Ole
Select Opt
Asian language Thai
Cease Halt
Littlest Smallest
Scary Eerie
Staircase part Tread
Penn and Connery Seans
Leonardo da ____ Vinci
Mule’s father Ass
____ door Screen
Definite article The
Pant Gasp
Glamorous ____ Hayworth Rita
Genesis locale Eden
Not as hard Easier
She, in Madrid Ella
If not Else
Land parcel Acre
Put down Laid
Love deity Eros
Evaluate again Reassess
Dated ditty Oldie
Dull routine Rut
Victory letter Vee
Delighted Elated
Pulls apart Tears
Tennessee ____ Ford Ernie
Cookstove Range
Fire remains Ashes
Singer Diana ____ Ross
Aria Solo
“____ Lisa” Mona
Actor ____ Griffith Andy
Loch ____ monster Ness
Furious Mad
School gp. Pta
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