Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 17, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Cogwheel Gear
Postage mark Stamp
Earring site Lobe
Talented Able
Forbidden Taboo
Aristocrat Earl
Hawaiian necklaces Leis
Avoid capture Elude
Type of milk Skim
Curved doorway Arch
____ Sampras of tennis Pete
Snaky letters Esses
Swipe Steal
Skid Slide
Flat bread Pita
Capital of New Jersey Trenton
Desire for food Appetite
Reduced in price (2 wds.) Onsale
Promissory note Iou
Corroded Eaten
Third letter Cee
Enjoy a book again Reread
Debtor’s opposite Creditor
Part of the rib cage Sternum
Fruit beverages Ades
Settle a debt Repay
Grinding tooth Molar
Relative by marriage (hyph.) Inlaw
Paper quantity Ream
Bound Lope
Viewed Seen
Theater walkway Aisle
Land measure Acre
Burden Load
Scoff Sneer
Peacock’s pride Tail
Conclusions Ends
Old-fashioned Passe
Building extensions Ells


Parties Galas
Critic Roger ____ Ebert
Wonderland girl Alice
Form again Reshape
Stride Step
Story Tale
Borders on Abuts
Early car (2 wds.) Modelt
Edgar Allan ____ Poe
Decreases Lessens
Acorn producers Oaks
French cheese Brie
Shade providers Elms
Adam’s abode Eden
Ignited Lit
Pressed Ironed
Occupied (2 wds.) Tiedup
One ____ time (2 wds.) Ata
Diplomacy Tact
Bread topping Oleo
At no time, in verse Neer
Broadcasts Airs
Rhyme creator Poet
Uncontaminated Pure
And so on (abbr.) Etc
Period in history Era
Trips to the bank, e.g. Errands
Once more Anew
Clinton’s party (abbr.) Dem
Quarantine Isolate
Boat basin Marina
Positive responses Yeses
Regional Local
____ Fools’ Day April
Film spools Reels
Capri or Man Isle
Broadway sign Neon
Conduct Lead
Pub drinks Ales
Nothing more than Mere
Nile snake Asp
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