Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 18, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Take an oath Swear
Droops Sags
Right now! Stat
Manufacture cloth Weave
Beige Ecru
Brave one Hero
Directional symbol Arrow
Prayer ending Amen
Afresh Anew
Elvis’s home state Tennessee
Unaccompanied Alone
Pair Duo
New York’s ____ Park Central
Competent Able
Eat Ingest
Mountaintop Peak
Road material Tar
Expire Perish
Artist’s tripod Easel
Hawaiian necklace Lei
From then on Since
Moscow’s country Russia
Printers’ measures Ens
Old wound Scar
Picturesque Scenic
Model ____ Moss Kate
Judge Arbiter
Typewriter key Tab
Requirements Needs
Movie genre Animation
Inform Tell
India’s locale Asia
Beatle beatkeeper Ringo
Capri or Wight Isle
Budget item Rent
Artistic category Genre
Mediocre grades Cees
Without charge Free
Double curves Esses


Smack Swat
“The Way We ____” Were
Merit Earn
Shakespeare’s river Avon
Married again Rewed
Not year-round Seasonal
Peak Acme
Athens’ country Greece
Our star Sun
Bible verb Shalt
Choir voice Tenor
Ring Arena
Drying cloth Towel
Court proceeding Suit
Poker stakes Antes
Psychic letters Esp
One who mimics Aper
Sweetheart Beau
Highland miss Lass
Squeaks by Ekes
Putting ____ Green
Dare Risk
Machu Picchu native Inca
Begone! Scat
Not there Here
Shopping reminders Lists
Start Initiate
Top card Ace
Sting Scam
Blackboard cleaner Eraser
Caper Antic
Actress ____ Witherspoon Reese
Southern beauty Belle
Does nothing Idles
Flat-bottomed boat Barge
Three squared Nine
Makes a knot Ties
Roadhouses Inns
Folklore monster Ogre
Nays Noes
Pound sound Arf
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