Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 19, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Over Atop
Capital of Oregon Salem
Leg part Shin
Poet ____ Sandburg Carl
Love, in Rome Amore
“The Way We ____” Were
Brass instrument Tuba
Intelligent Smart
Historic periods Eras
Long story Epic
Respect Honor
Eternities Eons
Hinder Deter
Wild disorder Riot
Ray Beam
Tops of waves Crests
Tear-jerker Melodrama
Beginning part Intro
Pub brew Ale
Keepsake Memento
Poetic contraction Een
Location Place
Gazelles Antelopes
Continuing story Serial
Fortuneteller Seer
Stick around Stay
Mexican sauce Salsa
Heartthrob Brad ____ Pitt
Auto Sedan
Faucets Taps
Tooth problem Ache
Steam bath Sauna
Nest eggs (abbr.) Iras
At hand Near
Sardonic wit Irony
Fairy-tale fiend Ogre
Beam Grin
Double curves Esses
Treetop abode Nest


Pretended Acted
Brownish gray Taupe
Planet’s path Orbit
Inert pill Placebo
Window part Sash
Munitions, for short Ammo
Bank transaction Loan
Baseball blunder Error
____ system Metric
Make more sugary Sweeten
Brave one Hero
Tehran’s land Iran
Scottish loch Ness
Pork, e.g. (2 wds.) Redmeat
Baltimore baseball team Orioles
Exist Are
Doll’s cry Mama
Dance move Step
Sycamore or oak Tree
Male offspring Sons
Tourists’ aids Maps
French female Elle
Shakespearean monarch Lear
Chaps Men
Industrious insects Ants
Golf gizmo Tee
Water tank Cistern
Formal speech Oration
TV pooch Lassie
New ____ Day Years
Shirt size Large
Practices boxing Spars
Desirable quality Asset
Sharp pain Pang
Bakery employee Icer
Bangkok native Thai
Twosomes Duos
Diarist ____ Frank Anne
Votes against Nays
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