Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 20, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Easy gait Lope
Football cheers Rahs
Bicycle part Pedal
Concluded Over
Radiate Emit
Sports stadium Arena
Fierce fish Barracuda
Expressed anger Raged
Graceful tree Elm
Gobi, for one Desert
Bastes Sews
Went by train Rode
Prayer word Amen
Be ambitious Aspire
Redoes the kitchen Remodels
Telegraph inventor Morse
Embankment Levee
Edge Rim
Bassoon’s relative Oboe
Intense beam Laser
Papa’s partner Mama
Fishing snare Net
Agreements Pacts
____ Pan Peter
Small bombs Grenades
Nab Arrest
____ phone Cell
Merriment Glee
Bonnets Hats
Get free Escape
Become old Age
Select group Elite
Proposed as a candidate Nominated
Lagoon’s boundary Atoll
Portent Omen
Completed Done
Pitches Tones
“Wish You ____ Here” Were
Store sign Open


Ear part Lobe
Face shape Oval
Salon treatment Perm
Miscalculate Err
Ebb Recede
Entertain Amuse
Skin Hide
Celebrity Star
Golf norm Par
Deleted Erased
Go downhill Degenerate
Again Anew
Young boys Lads
Cherish Adore
More docile Tamer
Ascend Rise
“Simpsons” bartender Moe
Amid Among
Not tipsy Sober
Defense Protection
Takes it easy Rests
December 24 and 31 Eves
Citrus fruits Limes
Clever Smart
Delicate fabric Lace
Large spoon Ladle
Insignificant Mere
Buddy Pal
Groom Preen
Cuddle Nestle
Like Swiss mountains Alpine
Player Gamer
Miami team Heat
Female singer Alto
Winter flakes Snow
Show up Come
Above Atop
Actor ____ Hackman Gene
Biblical locale Eden
Overhead trains Els
Stir Ado
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