Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 15, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pub brews Ales
Hooded snake Cobra
Don’t go Stay
Tidy Neat
Less frequent Rarer
Opera song Aria
Bargain hunter’s stop (2 wds.) Garagesale
Ringing device Bell
Boston time zone (abbr.) Est
Drizzly Rainy
Unenthused Blase
Microwaves again Reheats
Conks out Dies
HST’s successor Dde
Cut of meat Loin
Strike caller Ump
Theater platform Stage
Zoo Menagerie
Craving Urge
Fray Ravel
Air opening Vent
Sweats Perspires
Brink Verge
Notice See
Besides that Else
Watering hole Bar
She, in Toulouse Elle
Trinidad music Calypso
Concede Admit
Bring about Cause
List ender (abbr.) Etc
Appear Seem
NYC financial district (2 wds.) Wallstreet
Complexion woe Acne
Marry secretly Elope
Soft cheese Brie
Cooking vessels Pots
Sheep’s cry Bleat
Ain’t, correctly Isnt


Wrath Anger
Rent Lease
Our planet Earth
RR depot Sta
Make Create
Fertile desert spot Oasis
Fiber source Bran
Depend Rely
How ____ you? Are
Costly fur Sable
Financial officer Treasurer
Feels unwell Ails
Connecticut university Yale
School division Grade
Singer ____ Crosby Bing
Borders Edges
Watch face Dial
River embankment Levee
Change for a five Ones
Chinese dynasty Ming
____ Sampras of tennis Pete
Has dinner Sups
Forest plant Tree
Concurrence Agreement
Blemishes Mars
All Every
Aggravate Rile
Skin Pelt
Clothing stand Valet
Small hound Basset
Citrus fruits Limes
Mea ____ Culpa
Looks intently Peers
Pub mug Stein
Group of eight Octet
Memo letters Asap
Art ____ Deco
Telephone Call
Healing plant Aloe
Spider’s snare Web
Slugger’s stat Rbi
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