Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 16, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pronounce indistinctly Slur
Location Spot
Player Gamer
Conifer Pine
Quality of sound Tone
Verdi work Opera
In the middle of Amid
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Separated Apart
Ceremonial act Rite
Light beams Rays
Anxious Tense
Pittsburgh player Steeler
Adriatic, e.g. Sea
Pasture sound Moo
Declared Asserted
Easy to reach Accessible
“The Greatest” Ali
Lions’ sounds Roars
Couple Duo
Viola’s kin Cello
Married woman (abbr.) Mrs
Successful book Bestseller
Odd-looking fish Seahorse
Summer shirt Tee
Excitement Ado
Eyelash makeup Mascara
Not liquid Solid
Wound remainder Scar
Tiny stick Twig
Love, Italian-style Amore
Kite feature Tail
Talk incoherently Rave
Tears apart Rends
Actress ____ Bancroft Anne
Tehran’s country Iran
Gold bar Ingot
Sugar source Beet
Highland Scot Celt


Masts Spars
Boundary Limit
Come together Unite
Savior Redeemer
Sound systems Stereos
Arctic Polar
Exclusively Only
Afternoon affairs Teas
Pointed beard Goatee
Materialize Appear
Nasty Mean
Goofs Errs
Rank Rate
Profit and ____ Loss
Wind dir. Sse
Mistreat Abuse
Vegas machine Slot
Towering Tall
She, in Lyon Elle
Fashion name Dior
Appendages Arms
Earth’s center Core
Pedro’s house Casa
15th of March Ides
Mediocre grades Cees
Kind of power Electric
Sis’s sib Bro
Aspiring actress Starlet
Coiffure (hyph.) Hairdo
Most unusual Oddest
Down East Maine
In the know Aware
Opponent Rival
Contract negotiator Agent
Indian attire Sari
Forewarning Omen
Extensive Long
Pierce Stab
Sugar source Cane
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