Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 17, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Annoying person Pest
Carbonated beverage Soda
Was mistaken Erred
Lotion ingredient Aloe
Adolescent Teen
Actor Roger ____ Moore
Grouped Clustered
____ Murphy of “Beverly Hills Cop” Eddie
Deposit on teeth Tartar
Color changer Dyer
Browning’s “always” Eer
Average grades Cees
Birthday count Age
Skin drawings Tattoos
Outstanding Stellar
Concept Idea
Quits Stops
Breezy Airy
Litter’s littlest Runt
Baseball stat Era
Walk heavily Plod
Ultimatum word Else
Malicious looks Leers
Alike Same
Part of the rib cage Sternum
Motorcycle adjunct Sidecar
Neptune’s domain Sea
Diner list Menu
Abolish End
Band instrument Tuba
Touch lovingly Caress
Most inferior Worst
Impossible to erase Indelible
Call forth Evoke
Couturier Christian ____ Dior
Musical instrument Oboe
Fast Rapid
Reasonable Sane
Recipe units (abbr.) Tsps


Treaty Pact
____ Fitzgerald Ella
____ cream Sour
Big quiz Test
Sound systems Stereos
Atop, poetically Oer
Property documents Deeds
Artist ____ Warhol Andy
Come out Emerge
Fishing pole Rod
Went by bus Rode
Famous canal Erie
Bambi, e.g. Deer
Mexican meal Taco
Has supper Eats
Respect Esteem
Pass, as time Elapse
Becomes weary Tires
Grown-up Adult
High-strung Tense
Spuds Taters
Thinly distributed Sparse
Flowering bush Lilac
Perfume Aroma
Winona ____ of “Little Women” Ryder
Unrefined metal Ore
Hawaiian feast Luau
Honest Sincere
Caught Netted
Double Dual
Craze Mania
Water pitcher Ewer
Flaring star Nova
Let fall Drop
Auction actions Bids
Public disorder Riot
Flows back Ebbs
Spill Slop
Notices Sees
Enjoy the slopes Ski
Seducer ____ Juan Don
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