Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 18, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Talkative Glib
Female students Coeds
Complexion woe Acne
____ pudding Rice
See eye to eye Agree
Snare ____ Drum
Words of understanding (2 wds.) Isee
Crinkly cloth Crepe
Seasoning plant Herb
Relate Narrate
Pacify Appease
Penny pincher Miser
Carrying weapons Armed
____ Beach (D-Day site) Omaha
Boutique Store
Daft Loco
Promise Assure
Golf goal Par
Sincere Earnest
Bureaucratic delay (2 wds.) Redtape
Washington bill One
Rent contracts Leases
Had debts Owed
List of candidates Slate
Owned apartment Condo
“____ of Two Cities” (2 wds.) Atale
Spare Extra
Bemoans Laments
Hairspray type Aerosol
Woodwind Oboe
Wrong Amiss
Roman tyrant Nero
Military base Fort
____ blanche Carte
Tribe Clan
Little piggies Toes
Beginning Onset
Model ____ Macpherson Elle


Big smile Grin
“Mona ____” Lisa
Froster Icer
Malt brew Beer
Spiny plants Cacti
Monstrous giants Ogres
Browning’s “before” Ere
Act of leaving Departure
Ooze Seep
Cling Adhere
Dairy product Cream
Hospital employee Nurse
Implant Embed
MD’s group Ama
Whittled down Pared
Snaky letter Ess
Toast topping Oleo
Pained sound Moan
Land unit Acre
Sweetie Hon
Unrefined metals Ores
Between ports Asea
Respected leader Statesman
Chess piece Pawn
Impersonated Aped
Renovate Redo
Comic ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Besides Too
Gender Sex
Showers frozen rain Sleets
Auto Car
Airborne Aloft
Prohibition Taboo
Love (Ital.) Amore
Personal preference Taste
Bowler’s button Reset
Folded tortilla dish Taco
Fairy tale starter Once
Vend Sell
Voiced Oral
____ wolf Lone
Tax org. Irs
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