Star Tribune Crossword Answers September 29, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


College woman Coed
Plus Also
Map book Atlas
Out of work Idle
Go first Lead
____ Island Rhode
Acceptance of others Tolerance
Stone worker Mason
Blackboard wipers Erasers
Diners Eaters
Smudged Smeared
Observe See
Not here There
Type of staircase Spiral
Kindled again Relit
Batter’s stat Rbi
Iraq’s neighbor Iran
Greases Oils
Rear Raise
Fido’s treat Bone
Family diagram Tree
Co. abbr. Inc
Hoisting machine Crane
Infrequently Seldom
Less common Rarer
____ Cruces Las
Make like new Restore
Mean Intend
Paraphrase Restate
Range Stove
Unchanged Unaltered
Grows weary Tires
Shopper’s delight Sale
Finger jewelry Ring
Fragrance Scent
Assist a crook Abet
Fabricated Made


Refer to Cite
Bloodhound’s clue Odor
She, in Barcelona Ella
Low grades Dees
Siren Alarm
Contact ____ Lenses
Cul-de-____ Sac
Poem of praise Ode
Fleet Armada
Not this That
Misplaces Loses
Dote on Adore
Feel Sense
Put back to zero Reset
Spooky Eerie
Peach’s kin Apricot
Teases Ribs
Horse’s gait Trot
Inheritor Heir
Fashion magazine Elle
Goes up Rises
Zodiac sign Libra
Bellow Roar
English princess Anne
Not ever, in verse Neer
Agitated Riled
Ampersands Ands
Wave top Crest
Author ____ Hemingway Ernest
Group’s mood Morale
Rosters Lists
Prank Antic
Shop Store
Rent again Relet
Divisible by two Even
Semester Term
Opera tune Aria
Minister to Tend
Margin Edge
UN member Usa
Arrest Nab
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