Take care of Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Take care of

Solution: TEND

TEND Definition 1:
used to describe what often happens or what someone often does or is likely to do followed by to + verb .
He tends to slouch.
I have to be careful about what I eat because I tend to gain weight easily.
People in my family tend to be tall. [=a lot of people in my family are tall]
The store tends to get busy [=the store is often/usually busy] on weekends.
I tend not to trust politicians. [=I often/usually don’t trust politicians]
TEND Definition 2:
used to describe a quality that someone or something often has or is likely to have + toward or towards .
He tends towards perfectionism. [=he tends to be a perfectionist]
Her decorating style tends toward the informal. [=tends to be informal]
TEND Definition 3:
To give your attention to and take care of (something or someone) + obj no obj + to .
Please tend [=mind] the store while I’m away.
She tends her garden daily.
Well-tended gardens
He tended his ailing mother.
I have to tend to (the) business.
The nurse tended to their wounds.

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