Take Home From An Animal Shelter Crossword Clue Answer

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Definition 1:
To take a child of other parents legally as your own child no obj + obj .

They were unable to have children of their own, so they decided to adopt.
They decided to adopt a child.
He was adopted as an infant.
Definition 2:
To begin to use or have (a different manner, method, etc.) .

Their boss has recently adopted a friendlier manner. [=has started behaving in a friendlier way]
Did he adopt your point of view?
We adopted some of the local customs.
Definition 3:
To begin to use (a name that is not your real or original name) .

The author Samuel Clemens adopted the name “Mark Twain.”
Definition 4:
To live in (a country that is not your original country) and regard it as your home .

He was born in England but he has adopted Canada as his home.
Definition 5:
To accept or approve (something, such as a proposal) in a formal or official way .

The assembly adopted a new constitution.
The resolution was unanimously adopted by the Senate.
Definition 6:
To select (someone) officially as a candidate .

The party adopted [=selected, chose] her as its candidate for mayor.

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