The Independent Crossword Answers April 07, 2021

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Community (and all associated with it) is comfortable with arrest after case’s conclusion ECOSYSTEM
One is inclined to stride after delivery service UPSLOPE
Peter’s former partner displays intimacy with Johnny? SAFESEX
Irritation born out of spite ITCHINESS
Infield runs back to catch this shot? Unlikely NURDLE
Tirade over measurement of current epidemic RAMPANT
Marked as having paid to be put in different chair, reportedly RECEIPTED
Comic mostly wanders around trees in tropical regions MANGROVES
Surprisingly cheap gold headwear CHAPEAU
Regional accent entertains South American treasurer BURSAR
One’s left poet to acquire round piece of furniture SIDEBOARD
Make another picture of French city’s unfinished condition REIMAGE
Racecourse isn’t available when source of funding is lost AINTREE
McEnroe, say, magnificent on grass SUPERBRAT


Senile old bats surrounding rear of Windsor Castle, in which prince broods ELSINORE
Lout’s acre of bottles OAF
Having shape of Y-fronts in young people’s style is leaving oldies in despair YPSILOID
Perhaps capital gains international transport TAXI
Think about Jack, possibly, at home getting fungal infection MUSCARDINE
I’m very upset with university’s masculine element OSMIUM
Small nurses seek at first to care for boxers? PETSIT
I’ve a poster to rouse employees OPERATIVES
How to provide danger in alpine feature ROCKGARDEN
Encourages acts to limit term of Parliament STIMULATES
Throat condition that is beginning to restrict dealer CROUPIER
Use up nourishing food, apart from nut, being greedy ESURIENT
About to fight wise man CASPAR
Board formed by setter, backing another setter’s report EMBARK
Doctor’s surgery in decline DROP
Appearance of naked elf AIR
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