The Independent Crossword Answers July 16, 2018

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Important food, not fresh, saves little money
Spar on ship bends right into abyss
Cover beans ? or serve bacon ? in mess tradition
Swell to fortissimo
Record breaking tax results in vice
Place for sick old hawk prince reserves
Crackers ? or what you need them for
Small number perished outside, ignored
Doctor, month back, meeting family in secure building
Mike's misery over Abyssinian's remark?
Bloomer as Democrat, rotten, flipped in parliament
Suspicion bug's first about at 12
Response from congregation almost put right
Cat kept by defendant as familiar
Cheating of French Lieutenant visionary accepts
Get to the point


Gold under counter in frozen moment
Herald procures cracking editor at last
Covetousness secures nothing for diplomat
Sets of keys in locks arrangement?
It gives edge to the news broadcast
Bacteriologist favourite with Royal Institution
Put air into smart apartment close to Aldgate
Lose water that's heated, and dry out
Second-in-command finds leak
Defenceless but intact in Albert Square?
One French girl covering kilometres without a break
Porridge-maker round at breakfast?
Decisive force in Argyll content to leave
Initially blue, in the sense of depression
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