The Independent Crossword Answers July 17, 2018

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Rival ducks maintain very quiet whistle
Wine on board is appalling
Popular record setter's breaking any minute now
Local inexperienced model's introduced
Taskmaster has workmen collecting papers
Berth that is set back on the outside
Big star can shed work
Spanish article cut from choice segment
Poet's residence, lavish, hard going
Bloke's clinched university colours
What's revealed in cabaret in Raffles Hotel?
Hurried writer, namely bishop, defending Bible (RV)
Memorised first of ledger books probed by auditor
A hint of ennui blighted end-of-season bash
Dig out study describing energy record
Outrageous Yankee in shops putting people out


Group of stars tackling saint's prayer
Cheeky lads hoard trendy images of celebs
French barman's burlesque denied run
Archenemy is after northbound sailors, abducting one
Catch walrus for one suffering
Start of church ceremony broadcast raised standards
Go over in launch in a dream perhaps
They may be small devices on shields
Fish expert hooks newt's head maybe once
Moved unsteadily, like pack during game?
Current amount a married traveller raised, period
Actors throw stone about first
Woman's working on line in fledgling colony
Young swimmers try out arm supporters
A Republican disputes quarrels maybe in the past
Stream is the same without oxygen
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