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Jackknife on bend in motorway round New York?
Germany lost to France 12 – 1
One in 20 going naked in part of Europe
Con's apparently more likely to claim lives
Cape inmate struggles free
Start, after leaving university, with this?
Work no company endured for a long time
Song, one from West Side Story needing no introduction?
See 16
Lack support to control children's game
Revolutionary army recruits right person ready to die for the cause
Tipsy cheerleader maintains consciousness
Isolate mutant rat genes


Head of state leaves 19 for dead
Development of new hospital centre firmly put in place
Drink to celebrate release after indecisive statement is withdrawn
Well has a leak after being overhauled
Backing European Commission provided Foreign Office post
Indicate it's okay to accept what's sentimental and worthless
Celebrated engineers honour fellow traveller
Basis perhaps of Queen's popularity is playing harmonic minor scales primarily
Artist reviewed another artist's piece hanging on wall
Triumph of the 1970s? Securing drop in state benefit
Surface from swimming extra length's first half
Where to find the origins of all foolish racists in Canada and America!
To some extent, uprising ruined a god-forsaken part of the world
Report writer had studied
Philosophy's ultimate goal almost could be path to enlightenment
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