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Habits of the male baboon
Quantity of dirt suddenly swirling?
Endless commotion about high, drugged state
Poor prognosis one brought forward for stomach
Annoying type keeping you in highbrow cinema?
New Zealand coastal city, one investing in new wharf
Shakespearean take on the virtue seen amongst criminals?
Beetle: repelled tailless one infesting watering-holes
United saying positive things, dismissing a rebellion
Article with more convoluted hypothesis
Call to arms: "Hard work leads to added notoriety"
Politician avoiding defeats in such a way
Part of rocket, one shaped to receive most of support


Get a role adapted for second personality
Intensity of French substance I ignored
More or less popular time on course with analgesics
Don't change holiday bookings even at the outset
Silent instrument? Bam! I pound madly
End of day fixed: around noon in America
Psychological trauma: I'd misjudged its sincerity
Old points about regulations abandoned by university and no longer claimed
Insect tucking into prairie fruit
Doctor discharging English poet
Put an end to booze
One in bed's sitting up, tolerating discomfort
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