The Independent Crossword Answers July 21, 2018

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Junior staff sacked mostly – you beast!
Agent on duty finally getting caught – he's not very bright
Will broadcaster co-operate finally? Don King fight could be Sky feature
Look back over bridgehead, repeat and destroy
See 5 Down
Proper artist tries out position of 5 here
No-pressure friendly for supporter
See everyone has money and avoid going back (I'm just one of the lads)
Duke with power smashed 'Fight Club' – no hearts sinking
Beat easily – right-back's a lightweight
Base in one French city about to go


Container left by rail
Lost ground to Queen's horseman
Landing plane totally empty
Move in or suffer (he'll take in all sorts)
Not yet prepared to accept criminal leaving east – hard to blame him
Obvious the setter's on drugs, meaning extra work
I admitted to saying horse and carriage
Japanese city lifted an artist
Can get into area
This makes bone doctor go to see Hunt – basic accommodation lacking
Belief there's a lot of cover in area
Old bird – grouse – losing tail
Expressionless speaker, one upset by breaking word to Barnier?
Spirit of 11, say
Got a supply of City papers at home
As arms may be first on agenda, tyrant starts to back off
Plain element of personal life's been raised
Want day out as previously referred to
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