The Independent Crossword Answers July 24, 2018

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Manure is brown with a little bit of green
Time with number one is precious
Producer of fine yarn is hit in US city
Speak hoarsely due to working underground
Extremist heart lugubrious revolutionary conceals
Paper handkerchiefs start to trigger problems
Add to henna spread on skin of cattle
Storage area graduate force constructs
One about to follow a court battle
A record peak
Fairy tale creature is regularly well-off
We lost various little birds
Put up with trimmed facial hair
Mass of loose rock by church causes awful din
Saw leader of Spain shot
Person with title below queen (not Duke)
Rascal and constant collaborator surrounded by ill-gotten gains
Relinquish product
First lady gets new uniform
Germany gets agreement to produce chemicals for fabric industry


Questionable resting place up on a board
Provokes first of naval rescue vessels
Wrongly claim wish is fanciful
Bird of prey skinned dogs
Roughly hauling keg finally splitting one's sides
Annoyed about number mutants regularly decline
A foundation that's humble
Try returning in public transport that's rubbish
Relation of inclination not quiet
Lacking will to remove bit of rubble from US highway
Additional note about diagram represented good examples
Scruffy road edge revamped
Lines taken in glee provide fun trip
White present found in Seychelles
Own way to replace velocity for speed
Bronzed volunteers won heart of Kenyan
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