The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 09, 2018

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SALT weapon
President before and after Clinton
A deadly sin
Gaucho’s lasso
Keep moist, as a turkey
Enthusiastic about
Water under the drawbridge
Actress Winona
Preside in the boardroom
AC measure
Postpone voting on what’s proposed
Appropriate inappropriately
Sign of the future
Black ___ (certain 31-Across)
Like fried foods
Round after the quarters
All alternative, at times
“As if!”
Have a sudden inspiration?
Do some verbal gymnastics
Peep from a sheep
Caustic chemical
Swap out the best player, maybe
Can’t stand
Chosen one, in a kids’ game
(See other side)
Fire-___ (daring circus performer)
Quaff with honey
Give a new look to
Moved very fast
’60s hairdo
Company nicknamed Big Blue
Dove sound
One with chops for chops
Calc or trig
Classic aftershave
Meat quality org.
Cherry part
Unorthodox beliefs
Lend an ear
Take off, as a badge
Wheelie on a motorcycle, e.g.
Hammer’s partner
Big name in water filters
Cain’s brother
Monopoly and risk subj.
“Come at me!”
Word whose letters aptly appear in “relation”
Do a hen’s job
Texter’s “Enough already!”
Snorkeling locale
Not sitting well?
Little laugh
Bratwurst and others
Key that ends a PowerPoint slideshow
Neither’s partner
Fan of the macabre
“Come again?”
“O tempora! O mores!” orator
Peeling gizmo
Can’t stand
Bob and ___ (move like a boxer)
Chipped in chips
Suds source
Jane Austen heroine
La Brea goo
Big fuss
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