The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 10, 2018

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Classic U.K. sports cars
I- salt, in chemistry
Certain ’80s computers
Break a fast
Trap at a ski lodge
See 28-Down
Some careless people?
Symbol of stubbornness
Baking potatoes
Boats like Noah’s
Compare (to)
Jacuzzi nozzle
“___ Demoiselles d’Avignon” (Picasso painting)
Brings together
Himalayan capital
Did a lumberjack’s job
They have lids and lashes
Some thin people?
Indonesian tourist spot
Selects carefully
German “thanks”
Red-carpet walker, informally
Record speed letters
Think the world of
Make sparkly, in a way
Pitiful group
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit
Some soot-covered people?
Bacardi and Barcelo
Small battery size
Church recess
It tried to send a Tesla Roadster into Mars’ orbit
Paper with a separate crossword subscription (Abbr.)
Beverage made from agave
By the truckload
Dow Jones listings
2016 Kyle hit whose title is sung before “with my little eye”
Dark gemstone
FBI’s umbrella org.
___ Jima
Country singer Bentley
Big name in dog food
Some sad people?
“The ___ Falcon”
Afternoon naps
Mac rivals
Witty weekly show, for short
Property claim
Group with a 500 race
With 16-Across, handball relative
Act like you ___ the place
Fowl females
22-Down segment
Some slender people?
Winter solstice month in Australia
Deer family member
Pint glass filler
Late First Lady Bush
Partner of pitch and roll
Sour cream amount
Spock’s home planet
“Everything’s fine!”
Watched a boxer, perhaps?
Loans, e.g.
Tobacco-regulating grp.
Scotland’s Isle of ___, which gave its name to a terrier
He dueled Hector
In the style of
Org. that works with the WHO
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