The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 11, 2018

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“The Sound of Music” mountains
Chichen ___ (Mayan ruins)
Oahu cookouts
Short race, for short
Dissing a former lover on social media, perhaps?
Japanese seaweed
Et ___
Warning note to a babysitter?
Old PC platform
Short cut
Headache for online gamers
Lena of “Chocolat”
Feel lousy
One-named ’50s-’60s teen idol
Become more accepting?
“The New Yorker” cartoonist Chast
Grandma, to a toddler
“Your point being?”
Peter Pan rival
Lazy sort
Reflexive one-sided voting motion?
Target of some cosmetic bleaching
Picnic area sights
Use a spyglass
“Stop pretending,” or a literal hint to 17-, 23-, 37-, and 46-Across
Green Gables girl
Blue (or off-color)
Kind of cheese sauce
Fashionably ___
“So Big” author Ferber
Sound when something isn’t purr-fect
“Nevertheless” memoirist Baldwin
It may be checkered
Rocks, at the bar
Whole bunch
Capital of Croatia
Consumed, biblically
Illicit goods
Red Cross supply
Belgrade residents
Colour, e.g., in the U.S.
Word before farm or flare
Fill with a crayon
Certain tunneler
Neatnik’s dreaded roommate
Procedure for an unethical lawyer
Odds of rolling a perfect square on a standard die
Director Lee
Aladdin’s hat
Proactiv treats it
___ to one’s heart
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s country
Artist’s workplace
Finance mogul Carl
Big concert venue
Move laterally
Addams Family cousin
Sun or moon product
Doily material
Amazon speaker
Stash overhead, say
___ goal (soccer blunder)
Excessive outdoor romance, for short
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