The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 12, 2018

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Mid-show plugs
Sloth, for one
Denizen of Doha
___ effect (memory bias toward items at the end of a list)
Password go-with
Tuition at a Wisconsin school?
Actor or senator Jones
Long-legged bird
Kit ___
In-land connector
“Nothing Runs Like a ___” (machinery slogan)
D.C. United’s sports org.
Tuition at a Texas school?
Crossing instruction
Many internship applicants, briefly
Bread from a tandoor
Musical awards
With 33-Across, tuition at a Pennsylvania school?
See 32-Across
Monastery leader
Pinky’s where?
You might hold one in captivity, or vice versa
Tuition at an Iowa school?
Ice cream brand founder Joseph
A triceratops had three
Blue expanse
Epps or Dorsey of TV
Tolkien tree creatures
Tuition at a Louisiana school?
___ Powers, aptly named women’s basketball star
“Oh, who cares?”
Babyproofing goal
Have a go at
Body part that some robots imitate
Radio host’s fear
Goes down a web page
It hardens in a tray
Paper HQ’d in Manhattan
Ontario neighbor
Have dreams
Most definitely dissimilar to this clue
Singer Grande’s nickname
Alan who played Snape
“In the optimal case …”
___ pay
Cross-promotional ploy
Disapproving clucks
Prez from Texas
“Doing that now”
It can be in the fire
Old-fashioned ailment
Some can be unscrewed
“Snakes ___ Plane”
Cards with A’s
Corner stores
Palo Alto’s region
Matisse or Rousseau
Most viable option
Very low-rated
Chowed down
By mouth
Plied a pickax
Friend, informally
Maze component
Barking sound
Joel Embiid’s sports org.
Party, e.g., for a DJ
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