The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 13, 2018

Welcome! You will find here all The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers Date July 13, 2018 by John Guzzetta & Michael Hawkins.

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Russia’s ___ the Great
Cathedral sitting area
Drink you might add peppermint to
Kunis of “Black Swan”
Its seeds are blended into smoothies
Proust hero
Hide from view
Sign of defeat, literally?
Winter driving hazard
It keeps coffee hot
Infers, literally?
Deliberately sink
“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy director Jackson
Prefix with -dermis
McDiarmid who played Palpatine
“Aw shucks”
Escapes notice, literally?
Rocker Reed
Privy to Londoners?
Tie alternative
Copies without license
19th-century American conflict, literally?
Smith who sings “Too Good at Goodbyes”
Previously, poetically
Guide for Indiana Jones
Really gets someone’s attention, literally?
___ mortal
One-eyed Norse god
Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant
Tempo-setting sounds
Queens officers, for short
Deal (with)
Little demons
Cry from the pews
“Your wish is my command!”
Org. with Lions and Panthers
Red ___ (Irish brew)
Background character on a set
Series that had a “Cyber” spin-off
Screech ___
Coin flip challenge
Early tie score
Cast party?
“Please continue!”
Explosive letters
Beethoven’s “Fur ___”
Unlike online avatars
Blueprint part, informally
Lascivious look
ER technique
Astronaut’s attire
What vitamin K helps blood do
Toy with a tail
Bursts one’s bubble?
Hulk, to Bruce Banner
Cedar Rapids school
Ring wins, briefly
Forgo a day trip, say
Olympus product
Stool pigeon
___ mass (periodic table statistic)
Martini specification
Crime of burning passion
Like clarinet music
Pare down
“Not ___” (goofy roll call answer)
Old-school “cool”
They’re checked at clubs
Puny bark
Front, for one
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