The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 14, 2018

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Of the cloth
Plans for the future, briefly
Old Ritz rival
Toffee candy brand
Puts frosting on
Spots reserved for celebs
One hard to convince
Singer with 2011 No. 1 album “Mission Bell”
Dogs or hounds
Brian who composed “Reflection”
Sassy Silverman
Letters often sent without a return address
All fired up
“Mars Life” author Ben
Big Bird’s pal
Dickens character who saw ghosts
___-cap stocks
Mama’s boys
Jockey’s strap
Do a makeup job?
Subject of Cleopatra
Hidden reserve
“Losing My Religion” band
Immobilized, as a broken bone
Grouping for the Orlando Magic and the Washington Wizards, informally
Query to a weary commuter
Athlete famous for perfect 10s
Facebook heart icon
Migrates for the summer, maybe
Rick Perry’s dept.
Inclusive possessive
Desert art colony
Animal homes
Commit online fraud
Really under the weather
What suspense can feel like
Like elaborate weddings
Tea party member?
Little rascal
Club in a Manilow song
Muddy up
Oxy target
Wise one
Convention handout
Controversial flyer
Leaders who lived in Catherine Palace
Sure winners
Giant in beauty care
“Be ready in a minute”
“This is awesome!”
Vein in a mine
Retirement hope
La ___ Tar Pits
Deep red
Kind of kitchen
Becomes more common
Princess Rapunzel’s Disney film
Patio woods
Upside-down hangers
Solar system outcast
Batik workers
NYC neighborhood east of Broadway
Chicken cordon ___
Gelatin in some Asian desserts
Moderate pace
Garment with hooks
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