The Puzzle Society Crossword Answers July 17, 2018

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Round Table title
Nail biting, e.g.
They have flat tops
“Loneliest number”
Essential acid type
“Things ___ always what they seem”
American passport holder, often
Some say it before dinner
Laugh-a-minute folks
Every other hurricane
Polish language?
Dojo blow
Corona ___ Mar, California
Note after fa
Not these or those
Shot from above, as a photograph
Microbrewery output
“National Lampoon’s Vacation” wife
Do goo
Jim who sang at the Indianapolis 500
Musical Rogers
Game where someone is “it”
“Pulp Fiction” actress
Small pasta
Drooling “Garfield” character
Solos at the Met
Kind of preview
What some organs grow from, or a hint to the abbreviations hidden in 17-, 25-, 35- and 48-Across?
It might be fit for a queen
Krispy ___
Necklace worn with a muumuu
Maple syrup, essentially
Went bad, as milk
Safe from the weather
Spring back
They’re sometimes worn backward
Grenoble buddy
Company URL ender
Like Apple Airpods
Toy truck brand
Refrigerator decoration
Be off
Beach memento
Hosted a newscast
Brews tea
Hairy Addams Family member
Skating legend Midori
Nu metal band that sounds like a crop
Set straight
Dole out
Constellation whose letters aptly appear in “altar”
Scales sign
Narcissistic condition
Matisse’s “The Boat” picture
Procrastinator’s promise
Twisted, as humor
“I see. Sure.”
Stuff in a mire
Australian rapper Iggy
Trash talk?
Like going all in
Local news section
Rock such as hematite
Passed with flying colors
___ welding
It’s a scream
Title for Marie Curie (Abbr.)
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