The Sun Crossword Answers January 13, 2019

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Conservative, posh, cooked pork cuts CHOPS
Divorce in Croatian city finished SPLITUP
Apply fixed rate in personal banking code PERTAIN
Some quasi-renewed rock singer? SIREN
Princess in Bosnia breaking glass OBSIDIAN
There’s extra in Newham or Egham MORE
Passenger finally entering smart train STRING
Virtuoso using note finally with vibrato? GENIUS
Rational content of tedious anecdote SANE
Corrupt salesmen incognito? NAMELESS
Old traitor, finally contrite, to give speech ORATE
Firm in time makes money COINAGE
Legal statement gets Edward ruffled PLEATED
Son with sullen expression to hold forth SPOUT
Meat servings CHOPS
End a relationship SPLITUP
Relate or belong PERTAIN
Temptress SIREN
Volcanic gem OBSIDIAN
Additional or further MORE
Thin cord STRING
Mastermind GENIUS
Compos mentis SANE
Anonymous NAMELESS
Speak pompously ORATE
Invented word COINAGE
Stitched in folds PLEATED
Teapot feature SPOUT


Rich police officer promises to pay COPIOUS
Some courses that we have? OUR
Bears gathering in reserves STANDINS
Wickedness terrible in heroic sailor SINBAD
One drinking too much? That’s rich! LUSH
Drunken roisterer is bully TERRORISE
Money from church supporting author PENCE
Asking her out is withering experience SHRINKAGE
Scientists cite negativity holding up biological constitution GENETICS
Feel for criminal, perhaps? SUSPECT
Controlled police division going bad RANCID
Pounce when bribe’s accepted with love SWOOP
Answer found in favourite fuel PEAT
There’s trouble in Porthmadog ADO
Plentiful COPIOUS
Belonging to us OUR
Substitutes STANDINS
Legendary voyager SINBAD
Verdant LUSH
Greatly frighten TERRORISE
British coins PENCE
Contraction SHRINKAGE
Science of heredity GENETICS
Have doubts about SUSPECT
Downward arc SWOOP
Fibrous plant material PEAT
Commotion ADO
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