The Sun Crossword Answers January 17, 2019

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Fish small — makes complaint CARPS
Rugby forwards with time to box PACKAGE
In which one might keep old underwear? DRAWERS
Tint from hairdresser in Sevenoaks RINSE
Substantial old event is revived EXTENSIVE
The capital of Japan YEN
Squadron leader tried to break step STRIDE
Something to detect terrible snores? SENSOR
Works of Sartre ART
Secretarial skill is little help SHORTHAND
Never breaking bottle NERVE
Hard stuff broken in Tangier GRANITE
Living space somewhat limited in Panama? HABITAT
Good girl’s one holding beer? GLASS
Finds fault CARPS
Wrapped consignment PACKAGE
Knickers DRAWERS
Lightly wash RINSE
Wide-ranging EXTENSIVE
Desire or craving YEN
Walking rhythm STRIDE
Alarm component SENSOR
Cunning ART
Rapid writing SHORTHAND
Boldness NERVE
Coarse-grained rock GRANITE
Natural environment HABITAT
Drinking vessel GLASS


Scrounge from daughter in prison CADGE
Carter wrong to carry round nuclear device REACTOR
Rick who cooks some langouste invitingly STEIN
Poet is stimulating man of letters? POSTIE
Get wheels in middle for train CORTEGE
Girl with old Yankee to irritate ANNOY
Nero sloshed with ale demands woman ELEANOR
Plug firm STAUNCH
Old Penny’s mailed objection DISSENT
Tim with NASA developed staying power STAMINA
Purchased in branch that’s closer BOUGHT
Pound found in bathrobe THROB
At first they were all nervy — finally showing pluck TWANG
Back-to-back contests where seconds count? DUELS
Scrounge (informal) CADGE
Atomic pile REACTOR
Beer mug, often with lid STEIN
Mail distributor (informal) POSTIE
Entourage CORTEGE
Bother or vex ANNOY
Female name ELEANOR
Steadfast STAUNCH
Disagreement DISSENT
Resilience STAMINA
Paid for BOUGHT
Pulsate THROB
Regional intonation (informal) TWANG
Sword or pistol fights DUELS
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