The Sun Crossword Answers July 31, 2020

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Below are The Sun 2 Speed July 31, 2020 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.


Dizzy isle kid can’t stand DISLIKE
Push as team holds speed HASTE
Vegetable experts ought to know ONION
Travelling in France? ENROUTE
Meat cooked twice: seconds for others in side TEAMMATES
Crusaders initially up for grail CUP
Born to have endless desire NEE
Display team: they’re seen at Old Trafford REDDEVILS
Storm in Belgium with freakish result BLUSTER
Column almost collapsed: one fills gap LOCUM
Material dug from ground put back DENIM
Horsey person? CENTAUR
Aversion DISLIKE
Excessive urgency HASTE
Edible bulb ONION
In transit ENROUTE
Fellow players TEAMMATES
Trophy CUP
Maiden name indicator NEE
Man United nickname REDDEVILS
Loud aggressive talk BLUSTER
Replacement doctor LOCUM
Cotton fabric DENIM
Mythical hybrid CENTAUR


City school in which devil misses English EDMONTON
I’m getting into property valuation ESTIMATE
Pots fired here: 50 in stock KILN
Generous crater surrounding church DECENT
Share pie cooked for self-righteous person PHARISEE
Biblical brother covered in white sauce ESAU
Charge round Pratt’s Bottom in celebration FETE
Horse saves one man at sea MARITIME
Lion swallows couple causing gossip CHITCHAT
Frank describing works of Luke and John? POSTMARK
Aim straight DIRECT
Lad to bury duke’s corpse BODY
Royal Navy stops us finding vessels URNS
Solo from girl on euphonium LONE
Capital of Alberta EDMONTON
Rough guess ESTIMATE
Potter’s oven KILN
Respectable DECENT
Biblical hypocrite PHARISEE
Old Testament twin ESAU
Idle talk CHITCHAT
Envelope stamp POSTMARK
Straightforward DIRECT
Corpus BODY
Vases URNS
Solitary LONE
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