The Sun Crossword Answers June 08, 2021

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Hunting bird of clan flying FALCON
Industrial action is blow STRIKE
Very high bird’s nest? SOUP
A longing to change tendon issue GANGLION
Dry as duck swallowing energy drink TEETOTAL
In Skye a really revolutionary period YEAR
Everyone into rotten tune BALLAD
Firstly taking rum, the French walk unsteadily TODDLE
Swamp creature caught enormous bird CROC
Close family wrapping son in fur SEALSKIN
Sort mail out for preacher MORALIST
Devils beheading feeble people IMPS
United in mess: maybe bust? STATUE
Ulster playing for draw? RESULT
Long-winged hawk FALCON
Broth SOUP
Nerve tissue mass GANGLION
Forsaking alcohol TEETOTAL
Twelvemonth YEAR
Sentimental song BALLAD
Casual stroll TODDLE
Predatory reptile CROC
Inuit garment SEALSKIN
Principled type MORALIST
Small demons IMPS
Carved figure STATUE
Consequence RESULT


Love making an entrance we hear ADORE
Money is jolly good CAPITAL
Darkness close: closer in west NIGHT
One-time undergarment? SINGLET
Republican friend in comeback RALLY
Professor of infinite wisdom? KNOWALL
Say Gatwick Express reaches harbour AIRPORT
Loathe man cooking pies DESPISE
Daughter is girl getting sack DISMISS
Progress smoothly when getting into bed COAST
Nasty rat is moving around ASTIR
Drive mile senselessly without parking IMPEL
Dote on ADORE
Hours after sunset NIGHT
Political meeting RALLY
Clever clogs KNOWALL
Transport hub AIRPORT
Hate or abhor DESPISE
Send away DISMISS
Seaboard COAST
Up and about ASTIR
Urge forward IMPEL
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