The Sun Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Worldly hold-up man eventually scratching back ATLAS
Swell: everyone included in blessing BALLOON
Red opal set for elegant creature LEOPARD
When son, before noon, requires tea ASSAM
In B&B need the whole bar BLACKBALL
Relative in this island SIS
Pal had destroyed shrine icon BUDDHA
Small son retains very French accent STRESS
Learner needing two wheels for convenience? LOO
Clear vegetation, not very tangled NEGOTIATE
Serve Republican British bitter ACERB
New on street, work continuously NONSTOP
Demonstrating control? TEARGAS
Gaudy description of nails? TACKY
Map collection ATLAS
Increase rapidly BALLOON
Spotted feline LEOPARD
Indian state ASSAM
Female sibling SIS
Religion founder BUDDHA
Strain or tension STRESS
Sharp or biting ACERB
Incessant NONSTOP
Riot-quelling measure TEARGAS
Tasteless TACKY


Lad altered one book that’s improvised ADLIB
Do alter tight garment LEOTARD
Beginning to shake cough in humble dwelling SHACK
EP band released is sort of potty BEDPAN
Tract of grassland left untidy LEAFLET
Old fool drinking one in watering hole OASIS
Retribution seems in order NEMESIS
Be left secure in Ulster city BELFAST
Give and take Vuitton product? HANDBAG
Bouncy castle melting around one ELASTIC
Spies in a public convenience AGENTS
Penny appears in old-time musical work OPERA
Principle initially established in marquee TENET
My pet might be hungry EMPTY
Spontaneous ADLIB
Stretchy costume LEOTARD
Favela home SHACK
Hospital receptacle BEDPAN
Pamphlet LEAFLET
Desert haven OASIS
Formidable foe NEMESIS
Northern Irish capital BELFAST
Fashion accessory HANDBAG
Flexible ELASTIC
MI5 workers, e.g. AGENTS
Sung drama OPERA
Belief TENET
Vacant EMPTY
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