The Sun Crossword Answers October 13, 2021

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Sailor, corrupt, to avoid booze ABSTAIN
Girl in Bali celebrated ALICE
Old sinner: there’s one in every church reportedly KNAVE
Severe storm enshrouds high peak EVEREST
Dicky entered as Walford resident? EASTENDER
Slip! Republican’s in East River! ERR
There’s nothing in Kenilworth NIL
Chap returned hymnbook in sack DISMISSAL
Misery praised wrongly DESPAIR
Murderous brother keeping book in hut CABIN
Killed in Los Angeles during wickedness SLAIN
Devious English quartet boarding vessel EVASIVE
Decline to vote ABSTAIN
Wonderland heroine ALICE
Himalayan mountain EVEREST
Cockney, e.g. EASTENDER
Sin or stray ERR
Zero NIL
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Room on ship CABIN
Assassinated SLAIN
Avoiding commitment EVASIVE


Laugh raucously about moose caught climbing CACKLE
Huge region up in USA is Appalachia ASIA
Oil producer in plant entertaining our relatives RAPESEED
Popular action that’s brave for sure INDEED
All there in partisan election SANE
Energetic girl repressing anger left TIRELESS
Gambler a cut above BETTER
Rep brings beer into ship alongside island SALESMAN
New Croatian wet weather gear RAINCOAT
Philosophy of bare existence? NUDISM
Dessert order includes unfilled bombe SORBET
Soldier punishing clan and monarch LANCER
Family member, thin, refusing starter AUNT
Bubble in black thick liquid BOIL
Harsh laugh CACKLE
Largest continent ASIA
Oil-rich crop RAPESEED
Absolutely INDEED
Rational SANE
Indefatigable TIRELESS
More desirable BETTER
Commercial traveller SALESMAN
Mackintosh RAINCOAT
Naturism NUDISM
Iced dessert SORBET
Cavalryman LANCER
Female relative AUNT
Inflamed swelling BOIL
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