The Sun Crossword Answers October 17, 2021

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Snooker game stardom involving Ronnie initially FRAME
Superhero grabs wheel in transporter BOATMAN
Top brass stops over as secrets are dispatched ENCODED
Possessed one daughter, keeping wife OWNED
Decadent rum transferred to glass? DECANTED
Massive cuddle with European HUGE
One calls for a double! RINGER
Better to spend an evening here? CASINO
Scottish inventor takes time in temple WATT
Night SAS lost battle HASTINGS
Speak from floor at eight ORATE
Siren enraged outside church finds Frank SINCERE
Newton, brought in to obtain fish, is polite GENTEEL
Fluctuating euros causing stir ROUSE
Incriminate FRAME
Encrypted ENCODED
Confessed OWNED
Poured from one container to another DECANTED
Enormous HUGE
Campanologist RINGER
Gaming room CASINO
Unit of power WATT
East Sussex resort HASTINGS
Make formal speech ORATE
Free from deceit SINCERE
Affectedly refined GENTEEL
Awaken ROUSE


Slip perhaps, following one senior person FIELDER
Bend seen in larch ARC
Stop temper in place at risk ENDANGER
Hound finds elusive burrowing creature BADGER
Very long time taken in Cannae once AEON
Northerner’s maniac wrestling with nun MANCUNIAN
New critic losing head gets push NUDGE
Force rips off part of dress CONSTRAIN
Speedy Frenchman pulled up zip FASTENER
Rude old bishop on site OBSCENE
Boy, passionate, upset girl DAMSEL
Sin with with Romeo on grass initially WRONG
Present from the reverend HERE
Bird Madagascan primate skinned EMU
Third man, e.g. FIELDER
Curve ARC
Nocturnal mammal BADGER
One billion years AEON
Person from Manchester MANCUNIAN
Gentle prod NUDGE
Clip or catch FASTENER
Disgusting OBSCENE
Incorrect WRONG
In this place HERE
Flightless creature EMU
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