Thin smoke streak Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Thin smoke streak

Solution: WISP

WISP Definition 1:
A thin streak of smoke, mist, etc. .
Wisps of steam rose up from the teapot.
A wisp of smoke
WISP Definition 2:
A thin thread or strand of something (such as hair) .
A few wisps (of hair) framed the sides of her face.
Wisps of cotton candy clung to his mouth.
WISP Definition 3:
A small amount of something .
By the morning, there was just a wisp [=bit] of snow left on the ground.
There was a wisp of a smile [=a very slight smile] on her lips.
WISP Definition 4:
A small and thin person .
I met her when she was just a wisp of a girl. [=a thin young girl]

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