Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Dances jazzily BOPS
Unassuming MODEST
Neighbor ABUT
Slow movement ADAGIO
Rum mixer COLA
Signify DENOTE
Tech’s place HELPDESK
Quarterback Manning ELI
Flower part SEPAL
Did some programming CODED
CuraƧao’s neighbor ARUBA
Clumsy one OAF
Crafty SLY
Squall STORM
Grill waste ASHES
First odd prime THREE
“Golly!” GEE
Scheduling aid CALENDAR
Rainbow color INDIGO
Bushy do AFRO
Some autos COUPES
Clothes, in slang TOGS
Yard tools EDGERS
Amorous archer EROS


“St. John Passion” composer BACH
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Encouraged to succeed PULLEDFOR
Paper fastener STAPLE
Put together MADE
Black Sea port ODESSA
More moist DANKER
Sense of self EGO
Take a load off SIT
Low digit TOE
Performed DID
Skilled ABLE
Puts down LAYS
Price tag info COST
Solemn promise OATH
Cookbook entry RECIPE
Wisdom bringer AGE
Capitol group SENATE
Red-ink amount LOSS
Jason’s ship ARGO
Flag creator ROSS
Tea cooler ICE
Signal of approval NOD
Really liked DUG
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