Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 28, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Mexican peninsula BAJA
Pool sound SPLASH
Homecoming guest ALUM
High-protein grain QUINOA
Easy win ROMP
Oberon orbits it URANUS
Eat late SUP
Layer TIER
Ice skate part BLADE
Bar study LAW
Once more AGAIN
Play part SCENE
Baby bull CALF
Stately trees OAKS
Dagger parts HILTS
Wash against LAPAT
USN rank ENS
Stand-in PROXY
Open-handed hit SLAP
Geologic period ERA
“Ease On Down the Road” musical THEWIZ
Conceited VAIN
“Satires” poet HORACE
Magnetic metal IRON
“I understand that!” YESYES
Concerning ASTO


Cell features BARS
Baseball’s Moises ALOU
Basketball tipoffs JUMPBALLS
Band blaster AMP
Ten-armed swimmer SQUID
Makes baby food, maybe PUREES
Teller of tales LIAR
Writer Radcliffe ANN
Old French coin SOU
Holds HAS
Camel TAN
Boost LIFT
2020 and 2024, e.g. LEAPYEARS
“Lonely Boy” singer ANKA
Compass point WEST
Massage target ACHE
Make progress GAIN
Cajole COAX
Film edit SPLICE
Cut off LOP
Tears down RAZES
Influence SWAY
Mob revolt RIOT
— Domini ANNO
Quaker’s pronoun THY
Garden tool HOE
Hosp. sections ERS
Through VIA
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