Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 29, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


California wine valley NAPA
Dance studio features BARRES
Oodles ALOT
“Anchors —” AWEIGH
Sister of Amy, Jo, and Meg BETH
Chiding words to Fido BADBOY
Crafty people SCHEMERS
Early hour ONE
Liner parts DECKS
Dropped-tomato sound SPLAT
Spa room SAUNA
Silent approval NOD
Chapel sight PEW
Manual readers USERS
Aspirin targets ACHES
Floppy top BERET
Summer sign LEO
Silverbacks, e.g. GORILLAS
Eyetooth CANINE
Goofing off IDLE
Shrewdness ACUMEN
High home NEST
Aphrodite’s son EROS


Arrests NABS
Baldwin of “30 Rock” ALEC
Cook’s protector POTHOLDER
Wise goddess ATHENA
Paul Bunyan’s ox BABE
Tony and Oscar AWARDS
View from Jiddah REDSEA
Vault part RIB
Swelled head EGO
Retiring SHY
Got together MET
Spot for a driver’s drink CUPHOLDER
Pants part KNEE
Shop tools SAWS
Rebuff SNUB
Do some modeling POSE
Ruling group REGIME
Go pieces STONES
Ring great ALI
Singer Dion CELINE
Tenant’s fee RENT
To boot ALSO
Match parts SETS
Scoundrel CAD
Casino card ACE
Bolt’s partner NUT
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