Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Fixed shoes SOLED
Pub pastime DARTS
Sung drama OPERA
Spotless CLEAN
Daughter of Leda HELEN
Words on a candy heart KISSME
Break off END
One, for Juan UNO
Conductor Eugene ORMANDY
Signing need PEN
Freshwater varieties TROUTS
“— Amore” THATS
Verb in an O’Neill title COMETH
Screening org. TSA
Grassy expanse PRAIRIE
Equip RIG
Ump’s call OUT
New Orleans cooking style CREOLE
Lama’s land TIBET
Safe spot HAVEN
Custom USAGE
Bit of history EVENT
Suit material SERGE
High homes NESTS


Absorb, like a sponge SUCKUP
One way to shop ONLINE
Rests atop LIESON
Greek vowels ETAS
Cub Scout leader DENMOTHER
Cry from Homer DOH
Zoo beast APE
Market directions TRENDS
Yellow-gray SANDY
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Protective sort MOTHERHEN
Switz. neighbor AUS
“I don’t need the details,” for short TMI
Liner trip CRUISE
Granola treat OATBAR
Treasure stores TROVES
FBI employees AGENTS
White House acronym POTUS
Roof feature EAVE
Nest sight EGG
Golf need TEE
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