Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 25, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Diet restrictions FATS
First person ADAM
Career soldier LIFER
Heartburn AGITA
In itself PERSE
One of Santa’s team RUDOLPH
Follower’s suffix IST
Form 1040 org. IRS
One of Santa’s team PRANCER
Sofa type SETTEE
Effortless EASY
Extreme ULTRA
Mix up STIR
There are six in a million ZEROES
Treats for Santa COOKIES
Egg: Prefix OVI
Free (of) RID
One of Santa’s team BLITZEN
Rap sheet info ALIAS
Dodge, as duty SHIRK
Pound parts PENCE
Scout shelters TENTS
Freshman, usually TEEN
Hangs low SAGS


Calculate FIGURE
In the thick of AMIDST
Music’s Puente TITO
Surgeon’s tool SCALPEL
First letter ALPHA
Game cube DIE
Serengeti setting AFRICA
Neatnik’s no-nos MESSES
Slugger Roger MARIS
Hear again RETRY
Twisted snack PRETZEL
Close NEAR
Ankara native TURK
Stands up to RESISTS
Tussle SCRAP
Bowl with a lid TOILET
Thyroid need IODINE
Seeping OOZING
Turns outward EVERTS
Goes under SINKS
“Ghosts” playwright IBSEN
“Take — Train” THEA
Deck topper ACE
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