Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 31, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Fancy neckwear ASCOT
Concentrate FOCUS
Get a goal SCORE
“You can’t make me!” IWONT
Dance of Brazil SAMBA
Musical speeds TEMPI
Bulldog backer ELI
CBS series with spinoffs CSI
Suffering ILL
Badge metal TIN
Solo in space HAN
Bolt’s partner NUT
Drooped SAGGED
Meringue base EGGS
Least verbose TERSEST
Tear along ZOOM
Like a dutiful sentry ONPOST
Lawyers’ org. ABA
Busy worker ANT
Put away ATE
Stationery buy PEN
Team leader: Abbr. MGR
Holds HAS
Site of action ARENA
Deal maker AGENT
Musical sounds TONES
Treaty goal PEACE
Aconcagua’s setting ANDES
Passover meal SEDER


Useful skills ASSETS
Justice Antonin SCALIA
Ball ORB
Class leader TEACHER
Conform FITIN
Have debts OWE
Getting critical COMINGTOAHEAD
Remove from power UNPLUG
High-stepping aids STILTS
Blues offering SADSONG
Setting item GEM
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
Mexican revolutionary ZAPATA
Fairy king OBERON
Posture STANCE
Fragrance counter bottle TESTER
Stockpile AMASS
Maiden name preceder NEE
“My word!” GEE
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