Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 22, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Fall flower ASTER
Sow’s mate BOAR
River boat BARGE
“The Tempest” sprite ARIEL
Wise saying AXIOM
Act the waiter SERVE
Foot part TOE
Bran bit OAT
Dog doctor VET
Public approval ENDORSEMENT
Battleship letters USS
“Bus Stop” playwright INGE
Malice SPITE
Door sign ENTER
Touch down LAND
Boxer Laila ALI
Employ USE
Money machine ATM
Spoil MAR
Ready for bed TIRED
Wear away ERODE
Painter Matisse HENRI
Staff symbols NOTES
Mediocre SOSO
Layers TIERS


Let up ABATE
Invader of England SAXON
Attempted TRIED
Sense of self EGO
Deep regret REMORSE
Moisten in the kitchen BASTE
Mine rock ORE
Vindictive quest REVENGE
Pi, phi or psi LETTER
Cart puller ASS
Surpass OUTDO
Sixtieth of a dram MINIM
Detective SLEUTH
Violets’ cousins PANSIES
Dante topic INFERNO
Tin or titanium ELEMENT
Play division ACT
Ham’s device RADIO
Ham it up EMOTE
Consumerist Ralph NADER
Lock of hair TRESS
Hosp. sections ERS
King of France ROI
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