Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 24, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


“Something’s — Give” GOTTA
Baby’s call MAMA
Left, on a liner APORT
Donates GIVES
Play, as a banjo STRUM
Arm’s length REACH
Flying toy KITE
Grand Canal setting VENICE
Outback runner EMU
Conk out DIE
— Palmas LAS
Being a slowpoke TARRYING
Incline LEAN
Corn units EARS
Warding off PARRYING
Dieter’s no-no FAT
Spring month MAY
Dove call COO
Response to a joke IGETIT
Hamlet TOWN
Repairer, in slang FIXIT
Blackjack call HITME
Brighten ELATE
Change ALTER
City on the Truckee RENO
Wherewithal MEANS


Rubber ring GASKET
Dungeon doings TORTURE
Faithful TRUE
Cash dispenser ATM
Bearing MIEN
Be of use AVAIL
Pilgrimage site MECCA
Fire product ASHES
Clock numeral VII
“Awesome!” DYNAMITE
Cardi B specialty RAP
Like Pride Parade participants GAY
Soft cheese RICOTTA
Winter creations SNOWMEN
Scoundrel RAT
Dead ducks GONERS
Drummer’s partner FIFER
Like gymnasts AGILE
Waco native TEXAN
Music’s Puente TITO
Floor piece TILE
Deli meat HAM
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