Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 01, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Confines HEMSIN
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Change over time EVOLVE
Marquee name STAR
Arts section feature REVIEW
Turner of song TINA
Hat parts BRIMS
Chess pieces KINGS
Rose part STEM
Big Apple player YANKEE
At any time EVER
Go wrong ERR
Party decorations STREAMERS
Clock numeral VII
Periods ERAS
Types in ENTERS
Race goal TAPE
Reads over SCANS
Crew members MATES
Dispatch SEND
Hampers DETERS
Huron neighbor ERIE
Not nervous ATEASE
Pencil part LEAD
Toadies YESMEN


Cook’s collection HERBS
Tennis star Chris EVERT
Studio output MOVIE
More willowy SLIMMER
Composer Charles IVES
With 18- and 36-Down, beginning of a sort NEW
Sean of “The Lord of the Rings” ASTIN
Closet items HANGERS
Pencil part ERASER
Sum of one’s actions KARMA
See 6-Down YEARS
Turns suddenly VEERS
Heartfelt SINCERE
Fairy queen TITANIA
Manor settings ESTATES
Trawler or tanker VESSEL
Stopped ENDED
First-string players ATEAM
In itself PERSE
German steel city ESSEN
Dole out METE
See 6-Down DAY
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